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Article Title Publication Date
The SEC Wins First Insider Trading Case Based on So-Called “Shadow Trading” Theory BulletPoint April 15, 2024
Distribution & Agency 2024 - United States Lexology March 8, 2024
Judges, Gag Orders and Free Speech: Where Are the Boundaries? Attorney Professionalism Forum Spring 2024
Addressing AIA Contract Document Pitfalls New York Law Journal March 13, 2024
Revised Dealer Rules BulletPoint February 15, 2024
Brokers and Sellers Be Aware: Changes to the New York Property Condition Disclosure Act Effective March 20, 2024 Note From The Real Estate Group February 9, 2024
Notable Code and Legal Developments in 2023 New York Law Journal January 31, 2024
January 2024: Resolve to Review Employee Classifications and Salary Employment Notes January 2024
A Lesson for Notaries: Never Take Shortcuts Attorney Professionalism Forum January/February 2024
Investment Fund Manager Update on Self-Employment Limited Partner Exception: Tax Court Holds that Limited Partners May Be Subject to Self-Employment Tax BulletPoint December 18, 2023
SEC Releases Examination Priorities for 2024 BulletPoint December 18, 2023
New York State Voids Employment-Related Releases in Settlement Agreements with Common Provisions Employment Notes December 14, 2023
Newly Formed Reporting Entities in 2024 Will Have 90 Days to Report Beneficial Ownership Information BulletPoint December 7, 2023
Capital Gains and Estate Planning - First, do no harm. Other Publications November 28, 2023
The AI Revolution In the World of Architecture: Perils and Promises New York Law Journal November 2023
Law Clerk Accepting Payments for Referrals Is Unacceptable Attorney Professionalism Forum November/December 2023
Observational Notes on Meet New York's Commercial Judges: Justice Emerson, Eighth Judge-Junior Attorney Webinar Other Publications 2023 | Vol. 29 | No. 2
New York Enacts Law Limiting Assignment of Inventions to Employers Employment Notes October 2023
'Get Sheds Down': NYC’s Plan To Reform Sidewalk Shed Construction New York Law Journal September 2023
SEC Charges Five RIAs with Violations of Custody Rule BulletPoint September 2023

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438 results found. Viewing page 1 of 22

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